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Chlorine Tablets For Pool

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Turn your pool into a crystal clear in this hot summer!

Our Magic Pool Cleaning Tablet effectively eliminates viruses, bacteria, algae organisms, odor, etc. in pool water.

The tablet designed to dissolve once in contact with pool water which lows chlorine to spread out. quickly through the floating dispenser for instant sterilization

lt can also prevent chlorine loss from direct sunlight while stabilizing it, reducing the use of other harmful chemicals.

  • This pool sanitizing tablet is a must-have item for your safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable swimming experience.


  • Safe & Non-Toxic 
  • Made of high-quality materials to eliminate viruses, protozoa, odor, and stains in the pool without causing skin allergy.
  • Strong Sterilization: Kills 99.9% of bacteria and control algae growth for effective cleaning and purification

Customer questions & answers

Q: I have an 8x 30 Intex pool. How many tablets should i use?

A: Put 2 tablets in floating dispenser every 3 days

Q: Do I need a dispenser?

A: These don’t fully dissolve for about 5 days so yes you need a 1” dispenser.

Q: Is this product recomended for use in spas?

A: Yes, can also be used in spas. However, you would NOT need more than one tab for the average hot tub. Assuming you would be using a floater and assuming the average hot tub is around 500 gallons.

Q: Can you use these in a 608-gallon pool?

A: Don't see why not. Just use 3 or 4 tablets in a floater. And keep an eye on it. I use 2 in a floater. For my grandbabies pool.


Tips Indoor and outdoor air spray disinfection in households and other places, spraying liquid 10=20ml per cubic meter Kitchen, bathroom sanitary ware, floor immersion or scrubbing disinfection (please see the instructions below for details))
Put the disinfectant tablet in
the water
tighten the cap leave it for 10 minutes


Category Category object Disinfectant preparation ratio Instructions
Swimming pool villa pool, sauna, indoor or outdoor
swimming pool
Using 2 grams of this product per ton of water can increase the effective chlorine concentration in the water by 1 ppm;
At the beginning of the swimming season, shock disinfection is required;
When algae appear in the water, add 6-10 grams/ton of water/time;
Daily maintenance: 2 grams/ton of water/day.
Add the tablets to the system dosing device to dissolve and
then use the dosing pump to add to the system or directly spray the tablets into the pool evenly.
Kitchen appliances
Cutlery, tableware, cups, stove,
1 piece + 1000ml water Soak or spray or moisten for 10 minutes and then wash off
Daily necessities Towels, bedding, underwear jackets,
1 tablet + 500ml water Soak for 10 minutes and wash it off
Pet supplies Pet clothes, pet nests,toys,supplies 1 tablet + 500ml water After wiping, wait for 30 minutes and wash it off
family environment Door and window floor, ceramic tile
table and chair, home appliance cabinet
1 piece +500ml water After wiping, wait 31 minutes and then wash it off
Toilet Toilet, bathtub, wash basin, shower 1 piece + 500ml water After wiping, wait for 32 minutes and then wash it off


Kindly reminder Putting 1 tablet into 500ml of ordinary mineral water is equivalent to 500ml of disinfectant. It is better to use with the washing machine when washing.
Kindly reminder This product must be cleaned with water after cleaning metal products, otherwise it will corrode the metal; this product has a bleaching effect, not suitable for silk, wool, down and other easily faded fabrics and leather products, and should be used with caution for the surface disinfection of metal paint.
When soaking the clothes, the time is controlled at about 1-10 minutes. If the time is too long, it may damage the surface layer of the clothes and cause the clothes to become yellow or fade.
Kindly reminder 1. Disinfectants for external use should not be taken orally, and should be kept out of the reach of children;
2. When using this product, put the film into the water and prepare it for use now (the bracket swimming pool and the inflatable swimming pool need to be dissolved in advance);
3. The remaining disinfectant should be tightly closed after opening and use to avoid moisture, and it can be dissolved in warm water (20℃) in winter;
4. This product is corrosive to metals, bleaching and corrosive to fabrics, use it with caution;
5. Keep away from light, store in a dry place, do not expose to the sun, rain, and not mix with oil, acid and alkali substances.


Name Chlorine Tablets
Chemical Name Trichloroiso-hydrouric acid
Product specifications 50g
product siez 6,5*4cm
package size 6,5*4cm
Shelf life 2 years
Scope of use Daily necessities sheet environment,
surface disinfection of tableware, containers, pipes, etc., disinfection of toilets, swimming pools, etc.
Sterzilization Enterobacter, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, bacterial spores, Candida albicans, and can inactivate viruses.
Emergency Treatment Inhalation: Remove from the scene to fresh air, if breathing difficulties immediately seek medical advice.
Skin: Remove contaminated clothing and rinse with plenty of running water.
Eye: Lift eyelids, rinse with running water or normal saline, see a doctor if necessary.
Ingestion: Induce vomiting, seek medical advice when necessary.
Precautionary statement Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. No Smoking.
Avoid/store away from clothing/combustible materials.
P261 Avoid inhalation of dust/smoke/gas/smoke/vapour/spray.
P264 Wash face and hands thoroughly after operation.
Can only be used outdoors or in a well-ventilated place.
Avoid release to the environment.


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