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Chemical Auxiliary Agent established in Shandong, China. Our brand name is Develop Chem. As one of the earliest companies to produce chlorine dioxide tablets, we are committed to research and development of anti-corrosion and sterilization products. Our chlorine dioxide products are used in poultry, aquaculture and livestock disinfection, medical treatment and hygiene, public environment, water treatment, beverage, dairy products and food processing sterilization and preservation. In addition, we also provide OEM and ODM services. We are not only a disinfectant manufacturer, but also a disinfectant solution provider.


1. Our products are safe and effective.
2. Our quality is guaranteed and the content of effective chlorine is sufficient.
3. Reduce the growth of algae effectively.
4. Due to high chlorine content, handling is easy for large pools.
5. Packaging conforms to dangerous goods and chemicals transportation.

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